The A-Series NTEP balances are NTEP Certified for Legal-for-Trade use, ensuring accuracy even in challenging conditions with temperature compensation and an easy-to-read LCD display.The TD-Series NTEP balances are also NTEP Certified and feature a large 5″ color capacitive touchscreen for user-friendly navigation and hands-free operation with IR proximity sensors for customized actions.

Schuler’s extensive product range primarily focuses on precision weighing solutions. From ultra microgram readability (0.0000001g) to high-capacity instruments reaching 32,000g, our portfolio covers an impressive spectrum of applications. Their commitment to customer service is why Qtonics has chosen them as our sole provider of Balances and Measurement products. 

Elevate your laboratory’s precision with our state-of-the-art analytical balances. These meticulously engineered instruments offer unparalleled accuracy, boasting high-precision measurements down to fractions of a milligram, making them the ideal choice for researchers, scientists, and quality control professionals who demand the utmost in measurement reliability.

Elevate your moisture analysis with our advanced moisture analyzers. These sophisticated instruments offer swift and precise moisture content measurements, enhancing quality control and research applications across various industries, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of consistency and reliability.

Achieve unmatched measurement accuracy with our precision balances. Designed for the most demanding applications, these precision instruments deliver consistently reliable results, making them the perfect choice for laboratories and industries where precision is paramount.

Ultra/Micro Balances

Experience groundbreaking precision with our Ultra/Micro Balances. Crafted for the most intricate measurements, these cutting-edge instruments redefine accuracy, enabling researchers and professionals to delve into the microcosms of science with confidence, providing unmatched results at the tiniest scales.

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